Blackmail 1.0


Want to "blackmail" your friend like what Sheldon did to Leonard in S4E20? (Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch The Big Bang Theory!) Here is an app for that!

Say you got something on your friend, and you want to "blackmail" your friend to do something for ya. You can do exactly that with this app. After downloading, what you should do is simply write down the "good stuff" of your friend, and also write down the last email address that your friend would want his stuff to go, then setup a password to make sure only yourself can control it!

Now just go over to your friend's place, pull out your phone, hit the start button and tell your friend he/she better do exactly what you said before the big timer goes to 0, or the email will be sent! LOL!

Also, if you don't got anything on your friend, you can always bluff because a big moving timer always make people nervous!

If you get satisfied and want to stop the timer, just tap on it and input the password. Your friends can finally stop freaking out now~~

Do Remeber: Do not do anything illegal with this app. We are not responsible for that. Also be kind to your friend, after all, nothing can stop them from using this app against yourself, and we are not responsible for that either :)


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Last Updated:2011-09-18 19:00:16
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OS:Android 1.6 and up

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